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"-creature made of tentacles"

36,722 people became interested.

LOL But seriously. Good flash. ^^ Voice acting was good but a bit questionable at parts. Only criticism.

Very good.

I noticed that the animation is of a good (not superb, but whatever) quality.
And the writing is usually really good as well.

So why the low scores? 3.47 is not the collective score of the rest of these parts.
The final remaining piece is sound, in this case I want to emphasize voice acting. You probably enjoy doing the voice acting, if you want to continue that's up to you, but to take these animations to the 'next level' I think you need to start trolling the AP for some voice actors who are willing to help you out.

I enjoyed all the jokes I just feel they could have been told better, especially the 'now what' line. That caught my attention. It should've been a laugh, but it wasn't.

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Chag responds:

Yeah, these clips were first done in like... 2008 before I finally compiled them together, although I'm not great at voice acting I'd like to think I've improved just a bit since then >_>


I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! May be my new favorite WEEBL loop! :D
Funny, well drawn and interesting! Yes please!

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Hey nice,

I could actually use this...

I like that you used my song, but it loops right when it gets kickin' awww. XD
Nah, that's fine. I think I got some extra traffic because of this. ;)

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JTmovie responds:

no problem man, thanks for making it. yeah i kind of made the song to short lol

Very cool!!

Thanks for using my song too!

Simple and fun games mechanics. A good recipe for awesome.

Hueter responds:

im glad you like it! i found your song at the very beginning of creating this game, and included it very quick, cause it think it fits good!

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Sorry about the 'Current Score'

...NGs really is a terrible community. :P

I voted 5 and I think it's really good, it's not shit my pants amazing, but almost nothing is, so on that note. 9/10.

It had variety and it was very interesting.... I was just never like..... "WOW". I guess.

BananasWithAppeal responds:

Thanks man, yeah this one isnt a big "wow" song, I agree. Thanks for the review!

As previously addressed.

Sound: The tone is good, the actual sound IS pleasing to the ear.
Structure: Okay, you don't want to change the music this often, you want to stick to a time signature, 4/4 3/4 ect. While you are listening to music your brain is subconsciously counting the whole time. What you want is a pattern, not necessarily a repeating one, but a pattern that the brain can process, this seems a bit hap-hazard. Lemme know if this makes any sense to you, this is REALLY hard to explain...

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NuNoPT responds:

Well, i know its kinda bland, but im still trying out other instruments.
I still need to train alot more, anyway im glad you wasted some of your time to review and that u somewhat enjoyed it. The main instrument itself is a little hazardous, had alot of trouble just making a good rhythm.


This is really good dude.

I don't care about recording quality, I can hear the brilliant work put into writing this and I can definitely say this deserves a 10. Hands down.

Mosh on!

RoyalRave responds:

Wow! Thank you very much dude!

I am God. And humble. ^.^

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